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'07 Mazda MX5 Miata This is a great summer car and,all year round car too.In the 2 years that I've been diving it,I rarely leave the top up.It's got cold air for the summer and,Heated Leather seats for winter driving.The 7 speaker Bose Aduio system has FM/AM/6-CD in dash/and Sirius-XM radio.The Sirius-XM is more than worth the $$.I've taken long trips and listened to my favorite stations,commercial free,the whole trip. The engine is a 2.0L 4-cyl DOHC 16V appx 160HP.The gearbox is a 6spd automatic with optional manual paddleshifters on the steering wheel.I use this mostly around town.The Steering Wheel houses an airbag, audio controls,& the Cruise Control.The steering column tilts but not too much.It's equiped with Driver/Passenger front & side Airbags.For wet or slick roads,it has Dynamic Stability Control - DSC.Power Brakes,4 wheel disc with ABS.The car maintains a good straight track in hard braking.Power Steering,Power Door Locks,Power Windows,& Power Mirrors.The cockpit area is tan Leather with Heated Seats.All controls are very close.There are several storage compartments.Pockets behind each seat,Compartments behinds the seats,& a Lockable Compartment between the seats.The Glove Box locks also.When the Tan Canvass top is up,it's water tight.The rear window is glass with defroster.The top folds easily and quickly with a built-in wind baffle. Outside,the paint is beautiful white.Optional Rear Spoiler & Chrome Gas Hatch.The trunk and gas hatch can both be released from inside.The Trunk is quite spacious for a 2 seat roadster.The lack of a spare tire helps.The trunk is well lit too.I recently added 4 New OEM 17" Wheels with New Kuhmo Ecsta AST tires,205/45/17's. in Jan. xxxx I bought this car at auction as a salvage vehichle.So,it does have salvage history on the title.The damage was confined too the front right corner.The rest of the car was near perfect and no airbags had been deployed.Insureance Co's are too quick to total cars these days.The value and repair costs were both listed as being $18K.Including paint,and doing 90% of the work myself,it cost me about $5K to repair.I've been driving this car daily for over 2 years.It's never let me down and it's absolute blast too drive. I've priced this car below it's true value.At $xxxx,it's a good buy.